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​​Light & Temperature: This palm is hardy and can tolerate cold down to 20°F. It is great for zones 20 to 25° F to 40° F. The Bamboo Palm prefers shade but can adapt to partial shade.

Watering: Moderate. Bamboo Palm Tree doesn’t require heavy watering and as most; palm trees like well drained soil.

Care Tips:Overall this plant doesn’t require much care to maintain its gorgeous tropical appearance. Apply good quality fertilizer that has a continuous release formula twice a year during growing season.

Chamaedorea Seifrizzi


The 'Bamboo Palm' is a beautiful clumping palm with graceful green fronds held upright by bamboo-looking stalk that can grow as tall as 10 feet. The leaves are long, pinnate and dark green in color. It is a popular indoor and outdoor palm tree. It looks great near patios, pools and courtyards. The 'Bamboo Palm' provides an exotic, tropical look to your surroundings. Their beauty, durability and variety rank them among the most highly valued of all landscape plants in subtropical and tropical regions. Palms are not typical trees. Instead of branching out, they grow huge leaves at their apex. The palm grows taller as this bud keeps producing new leaves and the lowest leaves die and fall.

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