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Our plant programs that we create starts with excellence in design. With over 20 years of experience our designers know how to create interior landscapes that will stand the test of time. We blend artistic design and plant placement for a solution to any architectural trouble spot. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that can stimulate people's senses, improve health and inspire ideas.

Our services includes:

  • Interior plants with the Guaranteed Service Plan and decorative containers
  • Silk/artificial plants and arrangements if needed
  • Exterior patio containers and plants
  • Rotating flowering programs 
  • Holiday decorations
  • Employee/tenant gifts 
  • Custom design displays

Here comes the fun part! With our 20 years experience we can custom design your space for you, or we can step in and take over your existing plants and place them into our Service Guarantee Plan. It's that easy! All you have to do is simply enjoy your surroundings because our plant services consist of the essential care to maintain the natural health and beauty of your plants. Accurate water application, nutritional balance, corrective pruning and trimming, removal of debris, plant insect and disease control, dusting, as well as the cleaning of the decorative containers are included in our service. We guarantee it! In fact, if your plant does begin to look unattractive we will replace it at no charge to you. It's all included in our service guarantee.

Rental Programs

You can rent plants from us! Sometime businesses don't have the resources to purchase all the materials required to give a lasting impression to your customers or employees. That is where this program can get you growing! For a flat monthly fee,  you can turn your office space into a tropical oasis continuously producing clean fresh air . We even have short term rentals for weddings, holiday parties or special events.


Artificial Plants


We have a huge selection of top quality artificial plant replicas. Rooms that don't have the necessary light for live plants will benefit from artificial plants to spice up the look of your home or office. You can even add live plants to give a special effect. There are endless possibilities and no one will even know it's a replica.


Decorating your home or business during the holiday season shows off your spirit! Holiday lights warm up the cold winter season, and plants can create an inviting environment. It's also a magnificent chance to surprise and delight your family, friends, clients and co-workers with live, beautiful plants!

Plant Container/Planters

Plants add a look and feel of warmth and welcoming to our homes and offices. Nothing welcomes you more than the quality of a nice container to house that plant. To complete a well planned design click here to search for containers to house your plant. We offer many types of containers/planters available in many materials, shapes, numerous colors and finishes.

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