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Light & Temperature: Janet Craig does best in a medium to bright light situation, but with good care, can be maintained in lower lighting. It is prone to root rot if overwatered in lower light. Keep this plant in bright, filtered light if available. Direct sun is not recommended. The optimal temperature for this plant is 75° F but can survive in temperatures as low as 50° F.

Watering: In lower to medium light, water when the potting soil has dried almost completely to the bottom. A Janet Craig that is in bright indirect light can be watered when the potting mix has dried down to one-half of its depth or a little more.

Care Tips: ​It is normal for your plant to shed its lower leaves as it ages. As time progresses, the lower growth drops and is replaced by new growth on top. A minimal amount of yellowing leaves being discarded during this gradual process is normal. What's not normal is when too many leaves simultaneously turn yellow and drop. Under-watering and over-watering can both cause premature leaf drop so check your watering habits and adjust them accordingly.


Janet Craig

Janet Craig is grown in a variety of forms including the tip, bush and cane. This glossy, dark green plant can be anywhere form one foot tall to twenty feet tall, though it is uncommon to find them at that height except in interior landscapes or the jungle.

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