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Epipremnum Aureum


Epipremum aureum, commonly called 'pothos' or 'devil’s ivy', is a perennial climbing vine with waxy, heart-shaped leaves marbled with white or yellow that is commonly grown indoors in a decorative hanging basket. It is an epiphyte, meaning it has aerial roots that hook onto tree branches as it climbs. A native of the Solomon Islands, pothos ivy is not cold hardy and cannot stand winter chill in temperate climates, but it thrives indoors in pots.

Light & Temperature: Low light to bright light. No direct sun. Although pothos will tolerate low light, it will have more leaves and better variegation if kept in bright light. Pothos thrive in average to warm temperatures. 60° to 80°.

Watering: Water when the soil is dry. Give the plant water more often if it is in bright light. Overwatering can cause pothos ivy leaves to turn yellow and stems to rot. Underwatering or dry air can cause brown patches on the leaves and brown edges. Mist foliage regularly to maintain humidity.

Care Tips: Plants allowed to climb a pole or tree in good light and humidity will eventually develop monster-like perforations and splits in leaves. This often won't happen until a good amount of height has been attained first and isn't easy to achieve indoors. Mature leaves can be as big as 30 inches across. Only adult plants flower, and not very often, though it can be done in cultivation.

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