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Sansevieria Laurenti

Snake Plant/ Mother-In-Laws Tongue

This plant is mainly used as an ornamental plant, outdoors in warmer climates and indoors as a houseplant in cooler climates. It is popular as a houseplant because it is tolerant of low light levels and irregular watering; during winter it needs only one watering every couple of months. It will rot easily if overwatered. A study by NASA found that it is one of the best plants for improving indoor air quality by passively absorbing toxins such as nitrogen oxides and formaldehyde.

Light & Temperature: This plant prefers full sun but can tolerate low light conditions.  This plant thrives in temperatures between 65°-90°. 

Put your sansevieria plant in an east, west or north windowsill any time of the year. Put the sansevieria plant in a south window during the winter months or 12” (30.5 cm) away from a south window in late spring and summer. Providing bright florescent or other lighting, the sansevieria plants will do fine.

​Watering: This plant needs little water and very tolerant of dry soil. Allow soil to dry between watering. During summer months water thoroughly once a month; does not need to be watered during the winter.

Care Tips: The Snake plant is extremely forgiving, and in fact will thrive more on neglect rather than too much attention. If you miss a watering, don't worry. Water the next time you remember. The Snake plant will survive in low light conditions as well as full sun. These plants is one of the most common and easy-t0-care-for plants you can buy.

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